Friday 17 May 2013

EPA Press Statement

We at the European Privacy Association are both very surprised and rather appreciative of the great attention that our small organization is currently receiving in Brussels.

We have recently received criticism regarding the organization and the structure of our Association.  We are immediately clarifying such discrepancies, working with the Commission’s Joint Transparency Register Secretariat in order to ensure that all of our processes are transparent and in line with the guidelines of the European Union. 

The criticism we have received is further proof that despite strictly limited resources and support EPA's work is exceedingly relevant. We are now following the right path and doing so with great enthusiasm. EPA is a small organization that is run on a primarily voluntary level which unfortunately led us to leave some pertinent organizational matters behind. 

Our scientific and policy research is highly appreciated by data protection and security experts from around the world as we constantly strive to improve it. We are indeed rather disappointed that it is our organizational structure that is of interest rather than our groundbreaking scientific research that our Policy and Scientific Committee and Fellows develop each day.  We would prefer for our independent research, papers and publications, which do not represent any corporate interests, to be criticized as so improve them. 

Since the foundation of EPA we have attempted to achieve an open dialogue with stakeholders, industry, NGOs, policy makers, and other parties that add to the debate.  Our work is accessible to all and is successful precisely due to the fact that we wish to engage in open debate and welcome confrontation.  We follow a liberal approach that accurately balances the fundamental rights of citizens with the prosperous and innovative market.  We wish to empower consumers and users with tools to help them make the right decisions when it comes to their privacy and the protection of their personal data, striving for an increasingly proactive market that puts users and consumers first. 

We will continue to move in the right direction as we have done until now, likely continuing to make mistakes while learning and growing from them. 

We thereby thank all individuals who have contributed and continue to contribute to our work. 

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